“You are about to undertake a fascinating journey – your guide is a man who entered the world of mathematics with little confidence, only to become one of the leading educators of our time, a teacher who developed exciting new methods to help millions of young students find success. Your journey will be similar to those students – and equally exciting – as Marvin Bittinger relates his professional expertise to his religious convictions. Please join him in this wonderful journey.”

~Charles D. Taylor, author of Boomer, First Salvo, and Igniter

“A delightful reflection on the spiritual journey and mathematical insights that enriched this journey by one of the greatest authors of college level mathematics textbooks of our time. The transparency of the author in sharing his own challenges to deal with the paradoxes one encounters in life and in the Christian faith was very refreshing.  The use of mathematical ideas such as higher dimensions provides some interesting, if speculative, ways of thinking about some of the extraordinary claims one encounters in the Bible. It is a very enjoyable synthesis of two topics which are seldom addressed, mathematics and Christian faith.”

~Dr. Walter Bradley, Prof. of Mechanical Engineering, Baylor University
Co-author of The Mystery Of Life’s Origin: Reassessing Current Theories

“Marvin L. Bittinger’s The Faith Equation is a remarkably creative and innovative work of wonder and whimsy, precision and paradox, meaning and mystery.  This is an extraordinary effort that combines Dr. Bittinger’s successful career in mathematics, his fundamental life message and skills, and his commitment to the mystery we call the triune God of the Bible.  The Faith Equation adds a number of important insights and twists in its exploration of the mathematical implications of the Christian worldview, and it is a welcome addition to the literature of Christian apologetics.”

~Kenneth Boa , President, Reflections Ministries, Atlanta, GA
Co-author of 20 Compelling Evidences that God Exists

“This is a book of the kind of wacky genius one is lucky enough to encounter but a few occasions during his or her lifetime.”

~M. Scott Peck, best-selling author of The Road Less Traveled

“Professor Marvin Bittinger uses his powerful knowledge of mathematics to give readers a new understanding, fresh appreciation and unique perspective on the word of God as revealed in the Holy Bible. Where so many other teachers have taken their readers down well beaten paths toward arriving at greater Biblical understanding, Professor Bittinger strikes out on his own through mathematics and delivers a slight turn in the kaleidoscope that produces an even more brilliant picture of what the Bible truly means.”

~Stephen R. Bolt, President of Faith Financial Services, Inc.
Author of Money On Loan From God

“Written with genius and understanding . . . in a style compelling for the lay person.  A must read!

~Betty Van Campen, Grace Community Church; Noblesville, IN.



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